Electric Single Oval Panel Radiators 600mm High – Anthracite



Electric Single Oval Panel Radiators 600mm High – Anthracite

Fitted with a PTC electric element, the radiator can be conveniently installed into any room without altering your central heating pipework, and used easily throughout the year. PTC elements are ceramic and are designed to heat at full power until they reach an operating temperature of 65ºC at which point they reduce their power intake to maintain the operating temperature.

A bidex timer is included, which allows you to control when the towel rail switches on and off, this can be done by either setting it to come on at certain times of the day and days of the week, or for it to come on when the temperature drops below a certain temperature. On of the main advantages of this is that it allows for you to save energy as you are only heating rooms as and when you want them to be heated. 

  • With a strict manufacturing process, our radiators offer you a heating solution at an competitive price.
  • They easily fit into your central heating system like a normal household radiator, meaning no complicated installation.
  • The water inlet/outlet size of radiators is 1/2″.
  • All of our radiators come with lifetime warranty.
  • It perfectly matches the decoration style of all rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room.
  • High quality triple layered finish.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 442
  • 1/2″ inlets and outlets
  • Made from 1.6mm Premium Mild Steel
  • Unique hot water circulation structure
  • Modern style horizontal oval column high quality radiator
  • Wall mount or stand-up installation
  • Brackets and fixings included


Model Size (HxW) Panel Pipe Amount Weight (KG) Heat Output
Watt BTU
Oval  Tube 600 x 413 mm Single 7 16 428 1462
Oval  Tube 600 x 590 mm Single 10 16.2 609 2080
Oval  Tube 600 x 767 mm Single 13 19.5 791 2698
Oval  Tube 600 x 1003 mm Single 17 29 1032 3522
Oval  Tube 600 x 1180 mm Single 20 32.4 1213 4140


Additional information

Weight N/A

Electric Radiator

Main Colour






Country/Region of Manufacture




Unit Quantity


Unit Type



413mm, 590mm, 767mm, 1003mm, 1180mm


Wall Mounted

Flat or Curved



Electric Anthracite Oval Tube Radiators

Heat Output BTU

1562 BTU, 2080 BTU, 2698 BTU, 3522 BTU, 4140 BTU

Heat Output Watts

1032 W, 1213 W, 457 W, 609 W, 790 W


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