Black Electric Towel Rails

Black electric towel rails

These luxury black central heating towel rails are made using 304 grade stainless steel which ensures no rusting even in damp bathroom conditions. With a black powder coated finish and flat tubes, they’re the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom.

A sign of the high quality finish, the wall brackets are mounted on the uprights resulting in a sleek look and maximum space for hanging towels. They’re pressure tested to 10 bar and come with a 10 year guarantee (2 years for the element) for maximum peace of mind.

This electric heated towel rail can be conveniently and easily installed in any room in your home without the need to alter any central heating pipes.  The PTC element, unlike a traditional resistance wire element, is made from ceramic stones and is designed to heat at full power until it reaches its operating temperature of 65°C at which point the element reduces the amount of power to maintain this temperature.  As a result, the towel rail does not require a thermostatic control, and crucially is significantly more cost effective and energy efficient than a standard element.  For maximum convenience, a programmable timer unit can be added to switch the towel warmer on and off at your pre-defined times.

Manufactured from high quality Matt Black powder coated steel, this stylish Flat electric heated towel rail is filled with a glycol solution to prevent corrosion and freezing as well as reducing noise. This rail is a simple yet a modern flat shape which will effortlessly complement your bathroom or utility room, making this towel rail a perfect addition to your home. This rail comes with an energy efficient PTC element which self-regulates the temperature of the solution to 65 Degrees Celsius, meaning no thermostat is required. The element will automatically switch on and off itself to maintain this constant temperature, so you are saving up to 30% on energy usage. Featuring multiple cross bars to provide you with lots of heat output, and brackets that can be fitted all the way to the edge of the rail, maximising the amount of space for your towels to dry. This rail is an ideal solution for ensuring dry towels and a warm bathrooms are provided. Manufactured using high quality steel, this superior corrosion resisting towel rail includes 4 Matt Black adjustable wall brackets, allowing you to set your desired distance between the towel rail and the wall (85mm-115mm). Filled with a glycol solution to prevent rusting and freezing, a 5 year warranty is issued making this towel rail the perfect choice for your home.

Black electric towel rails

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