Traditional Electric Towel Rails

Traditional Electric Towel Rails

Designed in the UK, this traditional ball jointed heated towel rail is made from brass which is powder coated for a superior quality and corrosion-resistant finish. Coupled with a market-leading Italian made PTC energy-efficient electric element, it is the perfect and functional addition to any bathroom. With no requirement for central heating, the rail can be conveniently and simply installed in any room in your home, either as a replacement for an existing towel warmer or an additional feature.

Made from brass, the towel warmer will never rust, They’re designed to last, and thats why we offer an incredible 10 year guarantee on the rail itself and a 2 year guarantee on the electrical element.


It’s pre-filled with a Fernox glycol solution which prevents corrosion, freezing and reduces noise, extending the longevity of the product versus being filled with water or other chemicals.

Electrical Element

The supplied heating element is high-specification IP55 rated ceramic PTC element. This element will operate at full power until it reaches a working temperature of 65 degrees, after which it will reduce power input to maintain this temperature. As a result, there’s no need to install a separate thermostatic control unit, and the element is significantly more energy and cost efficient to run than a traditional resistance wire element. If you require a lower working temperature, a dimmer switch can be installed to reduce power input accordingly.

PTC elements can also be combined with a programmable timer switch, giving you maximum control over when the towel warmer operates for both convenience and energy efficiency. We also stock a range of timer switches which are compatible with this towel rail.

To allow for expansion during operation, a small air gap is included when the rail is filled, so during installation it may appear that the rail isn’t correctly filled – this is completely normal. Please note that this heated towel warmer is not designed to replace a radiator, but be used in addition.

Traditional Electric Towel Rails

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