Valves & Pipe Reducers

Valves & Pipe Reducers

We have a range of valves available for almost any job, and to suit almost any style of radiator or room.  Controlling the flow of water to your radiator or heated towel rail, they help you to control the temperature of your room and come in a wide variety of styles.  Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) automatically adjust the temperature of the radiator to help keep your room temperature more consistent.

It’s important to check whether you need straight, angled or corner valves depending on where your pipework meets your radiator or towel rail, and whether you’ll need a pipe reducer (if your central heating pipework is 10mm or 8mm rather than 15mm).

Our valves are made from solid brass bodies, and come in a number of finishes from chrome to antique brass.

These top quality valves are chrome plated solid brass, and are finished to the highest standard – perfect for any radiator or towel rail installation.  They’re designed for use with 15mm pipework and fit to ½” BSP connections.  Select an appropriate pipe reducer to use with 8mm or 10mm pipework.

Angled or Straight?
If you’re using these valves on a towel rail with the water connections on the bottom of the towel rail uprights facing the floor, then your heating pipes should be coming out of the wall.  If your pipework is coming up from the floor then you will need to use a straight valve.

What’s Included?
2x on/off valves

Valves & Pipe Reducers Valves & Pipe Reducers

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