Timers & Thermostats

Timers & Thermostats

The Diamond Bidex 7-day programmable timer unit is a comprehensive controller for electric radiators, towel rails and kitchen plinth heaters.  It offers a 7 day programmable timer with up to 3 time periods per day – each time period can have its own temperature setting.  There’s a built-in room thermostat, frost protection setting and impressive Open Window Sensing technology to switch off your heating element in the event of a window being opened in the same room – saving energy and reducing wasted heat.

It fits into a standard 45mm single gang wall box for easy installation and is IP64 rated for use in bathrooms.

This towel rail timer control allows you to control the output of the element in your electric towel warmer, with an easy to use panel giving you control of the element heat output, power control and a two hour boost function.

The plate is IPX5 rated, so your towel rail element can be wired directly into it in your bathroom, ensuite, cloakroom or utility room.  There are 5 different increments of control from 20% up to 100% of element power output, with LED indicators on th faceplace.  The boost function switches the element to full power for two hours and then it reverts back to the previous power setting.

The timer control affords you convenience over when, and how hot, your electric towel rail operates, and saves money and energy by allowing you to reduce the power input and temperature of the towel rail.  The boost function is perfect for busy mornings, allowing you to dry your towels and then automatically switch off the rail or keep it running on a lower temperature all day.

Simple to install, it’s suitable for installation and use in Zone 2 bathrooms.

Timers & Thermostats

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