Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic Valves

Kiev Black corner valves are top quality, industry leading Central heating valves, made from powder coated plated solid brass which is polished to a mirror finish then painted to give the perfect finish and maximum rust protection. Perfect for any radiator or towel rail installation. The thermostatic TRV valve has five heat settings and frost protection allowing you to set the perfect temperature for your room. The set includes a TRV and lockshield valve, which has has a maximum working pressure of 13 bar, and are designed to fit standard 15mm heating pipework. The valve is covered by a 5 year guarantee to give you peace of mind knowing you are buying a quality product that will not give you any problems.

DESIGNED TO ENHANCE THE FINISH OF YOUR TOWEL RAIL OR RADIATOR: The Kiev Black corner valve is a high quality stylish valve designed to eliminate the need for pipework to come up from the floor, so removing ugly pipework that makes the floor harder to clean and giving you a superior finish which will help enhance the look of your bathroom

INDUSTRY LEADING QUALITY AND DESIGN: The valves are made from powder coated solid brass which is painted to give the perfect finish and maximum rust protection which is second to none. This attention to the finish quality and the corner design, which means the valve heads don’t stick out, just adding to the quality finish that make your bathroom stand out 

Thermostatic Valves Thermostatic Valves

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