Fit a Towel Bar to your Heated Towel Rail

We stock a range of towel bars, hooks, rings and pegs which can be added to most standard heated towel warmers, allowing you to add more towels or robes to your towel rail, or so it better fits the way you use it.  They're a great addition for busy families, or if storage in your bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom is limited.  They're also great for hanging tea towels in your kitchen or utility room!

These simple instructions show you how to fit our towel bar to your ladder rail.


2x Cross Bar Clamps
1x Towel Bar
1x M6 bolt


Unscrew the bolt on the back of the cross bar clamp assembly and place the back clamp and bolt in the required position at the back of the towel warmer cross bars.  Make sure that the disc is turned the correct way so the curved edges touch the cross bars.


Fit the front disc over the bolt as shown.


Screw the towel bar to the clamp as shown, and hand tighten.  Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second clamp and then screw to the second fixing point on the towel bar.


If required, adjust the towel bar to ensure that it's centrally positioned, then using an allen key tighten the towel clamps assembly securely as shown.


For best results, clean with soapy water using a soft cloth and dry with a separate cloth.  Do not use any abrasive materials or chemicals as this will scratch or discolour the product.

Towel Bar Fitting Instructions Figure 1
Towel Bar Fitting Instructions Figure 2
Towel Bar Fitting Instructions Figure 3
Towel Bar Fitting Instructions Figure 4
Towel Bar Fitting Instructions Figure 5

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