Extra High Heat Output Chrome Electric Flat Towel Rails + Timer

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chrome electric heated towel rails chrome electric heated towel rails 

Our towel rails are beautifully made to exacting high quality standards and guaranteed to look amazing in your bathroom. Using high quality chrome plated steel. A simple yet a modern design will effortlessly complement your bathroom or utility room, making this towel rail a perfect addition to your home. Designed to ensure there is plenty of room to hang towels, our towel rails are also designed to provide the maximum heat output possible, so while still being practical a sufficient amount of heat can be supplied in the room. Manufactured using high quality low carbon steel, this superior corrosion resisting towel rail is plated with copper, bright nickel, as well as chrome plating.

Our towel rails, unlike allot of competitors, have 25mm cross bars so giving you lots more Heat than conventional 19 and 22mm cross tubes. This results in up to 26% more heat output than an equivalent 22mm tube towel rail. This means that no matter how small the space you have available you can fit a rail that will give you the maximum amount of heat to keep your bathroom warm.

Be in Control

The towel rail is supplied with a 7 day programable timer and a built-in room thermostat. This means you can set the rail to come on and go off whenever you want and set the room temperature to ensure maximum comfort when you need it. The controller has a manual function for the times you want additional heat. Thanks to the controller it will automatically switch on and off to maintain this constant temperature.

Energy Efficient

This rail comes with an energy efficient PTC element which self-regulates the temperature of the solution to 65 Degrees Celsius, meaning no thermostat is required. The element will automatically switch on and off itself to maintain this constant temperature, so you are saving up to 30% on energy usage. Featuring multiple cross bars to provide you with lots of heat output, and brackets that can be fitted all the way to the edge of the rail, maximising the amount of space for your towels to dry.

This towel rail is also available without a timer/thermostat.

Heat Output

Width  Height Heat Output (BTU) PTC Element
500mm 800mm 1024 BTU 300 Watts
600mm 800mm 1024 BTU 300 Watts
500mm 1000mm 1024 BTU 300 Watts
600mm 1000mm 1365 BTU 400 Watts
500mm 1200mm 1365 BTU 400 Watts
600mm 1200mm 1706 BTU 500 Watts
500mm 1500mm 1706 BTU 500 Watts
600mm 1500mm 2047 BTU 600 Watts
500mm 1800mm 2047 BTU 600 Watts
600mm 1800mm 2047 BTU 600 Watts

Additional information

Weight N/A

Electric Towel Rail

Main Colour





Stainless Steel


Does Not Apply

Country/Region of Manufacture



Does not apply




800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm


300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm

Heat Output BTU

1105 BTU, 1194 BTU, 1198 BTU, 1413 BTU, 1460 BTU, 1723 BTU, 1778 BTU, 1822 BTU, 2153 BTU, 2177 BTU, 2573 BTU, 604 BTU, 771 BTU, 931 BTU, 938 BTU

Heat Output Watts

177 W, 226 W, 273 W, 275 W, 324 W, 350 W, 351 w, 414 W, 428 W, 505 W, 521 W, 534 W, 631 W, 638 W, 754 W

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  2. Brian T. (verified owner)

    Not installed yet so will have to wait and see how easy it is to use

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  3. Brendan (verified owner)

    Perfect solution for my bathroom.

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