Oslo Anthracite Straight TRV Thermostatic with Round Top Lockshield Radiator Valve 15mm x ½inch


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anthracite straight thermostatic valve anthracite straight thermostatic valve

Oslo Anthracite TRV straight designer radiator valves are top of the range beautifully made thermostatically controlled central heating valves. Made from powder coated solid brass which is polished to a mirror finish then painted to give the perfect shining finish and maximum rust protection. Perfect for any designer radiator, column radiator or flat tube radiator. The thermostatic TRV valve has variable heat settings and frost protection allowing you to set the perfect temperature for your room. The set includes a TRV and traditional tap head lock shield valve, which has a maximum working pressure of 13 bar, and are designed to fit standard 15mm heating pipework. The valve is covered by a 5 year guarantee to give you peace of mind knowing you are buying a quality product that will not give you any problems.  


These valves can be used on Towel Rails, Column Radiators, Panel Central Heating Radiators, Vertical Flat Tube Radiators. 

What’s Included?

1x Straight TRV valve

1x Straight lockshield valve

Technical Information

  • Powder coated solid brass body
  • 5 temperature settings including frost protection
  • Max working pressure: 13 bar
  • Water pipe connections: 15mm compression
  • Connects to: 15mm/½” BSP radiator or towel rail
  • Guarantee: 5 years

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Additional information

Weight 646 g


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