Smiths Kitchen Plinth Heater SS5 Dual Fuel


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smiths SS5 dual fuel plinth heater smiths SS5 dual fuel plinth heater 

Plinth Heaters are a fantastic way to heat your kitchen without losing precious space and so allowing you to maximise the potential of your kitchen space.  The great thing about these heaters is that they work off your central heating system so are a very cost effective way to heat your room.  The heaters come in a range of heat outputs so ensuring you can heat all sizes of rooms.  The plinth heaters come supplied with a brushed steel fascia grille, however a range of alternative finishes are also available.

How to they work?

The plinth heater is very easy to install and use.  The unit switches itself on and off automatically when your central heating system comes on and switches off.  Inside the unit is a temperature switch which detects hot water in the pipes within the unit from your central heating system and switches the fan on automatically.  When the central heat system switches off and the water in the pipes cools down, the fan switches off.  There is no need to switch the unit on and off manually.  If you need more heat, you can switch the fan to boost mode to push more heat into the room.  There’s also a manual override switch to disable the fan if you don’t require it.  This unit also contains an electrical element to provide heat when your central heating system isn’t running – great for a boost in the spring or autumn.

Technical Information

  • The Space Saver Plinth Heater from Smith’s brings efficient and controllable heating to areas where space is limited.
  • Install in the ‘dead’ space under kitchen or similar=type units, creating space for extra work surfaces, more storage, and feeing space for additional appliances.
  • Very low water content for higher efficiency than radiator or under floor heating.
  • Two heat outputs and fan-only operation for instant heat and cool air circulation.
  • Wide choice of grille colours to suit interior styles.
  • Low voltage bathroom model available for high humidity areas.

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Additional information

Weight 6000 g



Does Not Apply

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom


Stainless Steel



Heat Output Watts

700 W

Heat Source

Dual Fuel


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