Tamar Electric Vertical Flat Tube Single Panel Radiators 600mm high


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These designer electric vertical flat tube radiators offer a heating solution that combines contemporary design and an affordable price.  Stylish and sleek, this modern design is perfect for enhancing the look of your home whilst maximising heat output.  Made from low carbon steel and finished with a high quality triple layer white powder coating, these radiators are built to last.

Perfect for easy installation in any room in your home, these radiators are fitted with a PTC electric element that’s both convenient and energy efficient.  PTC elements are ceramic, and are designed to heat at full power until they reach their working temperature of 65ºC at which point they automatically reduce power consumption to maintain this temperature.  This makes them safe and cost-effective, without requiring an additional thermostatic control unit.  You can additionally combine them with a programmable timer control to turn the radiator on and off automatically for added convenience and energy efficiency.

Technical Information

  • Material: Low carbon steel
  • Finish: Triple layer White RAL9016 Powder Coating
  • Heat Source: PTC Element 220-240v 50Hz (see table below for wattage)
  • Working temperature: 65ºC
  • CE Certified
  • Guarantee – Radiator: 10 Years
  • Guarantee – Element: 2 Years
  • Includes brackets & fixings
  • Valves are not required


Heat Outputs

Width Height Panel Type Heat Output BTU Heat Output Watts PTC Element Wattage
400mm 600mm Single Panel 1131 BTU 360 Watts 300w
600mm 600mm Single Panel 1640 BTU 530 Watts 600w
800mm 600mm Single Panel 2259 BTU 710 Watts 1200w
1000mm 600mm Single Panel 2523 BTU 890 Watts 1200w
1200mm 600mm Single Panel 3286 BTU 1970 Watts 1200w
1400mm 600mm Single Panel 3637 BTU 1259 Watts 1200w
400mm 600mm Double Panel 1554 BTU 710 Watts 600w
600mm 600mm Double Panel 2072 BTU 1190 Watts 600w
800mm 600mm Double Panel 2849 BTU 1430 Watts 1200w
1000mm 600mm Double Panel 3626 BTU 1760 Watts 1200w
1200mm 600mm Double Panel 4404 BTU 2140 Watts 2000w
1400mm 600mm Double Panel 5569 BTU 2530 Watts 2000w

Additional information

Weight N/A

400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm


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