Towel Rail Dual Fuel Kit 400w PTC Element & T Piece



PTC Elements use less energy than conventonal heating elements!

PTC heating elements are the latest and most energy efficient towel rail heating elements on the market today.  Manufactured by Rica, a leading Italian company in the manufacture of heating elements, you can be assured of maximum quality.

The Dual Fuel conversion kit allows you to convert a standard central heating towel warmer to run on either electricity or central heating – especially useful during the summer months and are available in either chrome or white to match your existing rail.

PTC technology – how does it work?

Unlike traditional heating elements that use a resistance wire, PTC heating elements are made as ceramic stones.  These ceramic stones are manufactured to heat up a defined temperature and then maintain that temperature by reducing the power.

Initially the element will use 300 watts of power until the rail reaches its’ designed operating temperature of 65°C after which it will reduce the electrical current whilst maintaining the rail temperature.

As a result, a separate thermostatic control unit is not required, and the heating element uses significantly less electricity than a conventional heating element.

Benefits of PTC heating elements

  • No thermostat required
  • Maximum temperature cannot be exceeded by PTC elements
  • Any working position: the absence of thermostats permits either horizontal or vertical orientation of the heater during operation.
  • Smaller diameter than in traditional heaters – provides a wider installation capability
  • Very fast warm up phase followed by constant temperature thereafter
  • Lower running costs than conventional resistance wire heaters

Which element do I need?

200 watt element
Suitable for 300mm and 400mm wide x 800mm high towel rails up to 9 cross bars

300 watt element
Suitable for 300mm and 400mm wide x 1000mm to 1200mm high and 500mm and 600mm wide x 800mm to 1500mm high towel rails

600 watt element
Suitable for 500mm and 600mm wide x 1600mm to 1800mm high towel rails

What’s Included?

  • PTC Heating Element
  • Chrome T-Piece

Technical Information

  • ½” BSP thread
  • 1m long power cord
  • IP55 rated for Zone 1, 2 and 3 in a bathroom
  • 1 year guarantee

Additional information

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