Traditional Anthracite 2 Column Electric Radiators 300mm high



These are brand new classic style column radiators made from mild steel, but designed to look like traditional cast iron radiators.  Made to the highest standards using 1.3mm thick steel, they’re painted using a two coat powder process to ensure a long lasting, durable finish and come with an industry-leading 10 year guarantee.

Fitted with a PTC electric element, the radiator can be installed without altering your central heating pipework, and used easily throughout the year. PTC elements are ceramic and are designed to heat at full power until they reach an operating temperature of 65ºC at which point they reduce their power intake to maintain the operating temperature so the element is both energy efficient and cost effective to use versus a traditional resistance wire element. 

A bidex timer is included, which allows you to control when the radiator switches on and off, this can be done by either setting it to come on at certain times of the day and days of the week, or for it to come on when the temperature drops below a certain temperature. On of the main advantages of this is that it allows for you to save energy as you are only heating rooms as and when you want them to be heated. 

Available in a range of widths and heights, and with 2 or 3 columns they can be connected to both combination and tank-fed domestic and commercial central heating systems.


Technical Information

  • Material: 1.3mm Mild Steel
  • Finish: Anthracite Powder Coating
  • Tested to 16 Bar
  • Number of Columns: 2
  • Certifications: BS EN442
  • Guarantee: 10 Years
  • Wall brackets and fixings are included
  • Valves are not included
  • Radiator Feet are available separately here


Heat Outputs

No. of Columns Length Height Depth Heat Output BTU Heat Output Watts
2 Columns 425mm 300mm 70mm 957 BTU 280 watts
2 Columns 605mm 300mm 70mm 1369 BTU 401 watts
2 Columns 830mm 300mm 70mm 1895 BTU 555 watts
2 Columns 1010mm 300mm 70mm 2304 BTU 674 watts
2 Columns 1190mm 300mm 70mm 2723 BTU 798 watts
2 Columns 1460mm 300mm 70mm 3352 BTU 792 watts
3 Columns 425mm 300mm 100mm 1320 BTU 387 watts
3 Columns 605mm 300mm 100mm 1900 BTU 557 watts
3 Columns 830mm 300mm 100mm 2615 BTU 766 watts
3 Columns 1010mm 300mm 100mm 3190 BTU 935 watts
3 Columns 1190mm 300mm 100mm 3762 BTU 1102 watts
3 Columns 1460mm 300mm 100mm 4625 BTU 1355 watts

Additional information

Weight N/A

Electric Radiator

Main Colour







Does Not Apply

Country/Region of Manufacture



Does not apply

Radiator Length

1010mm, 1190mm, 425mm, 605mm, 830mm

Radiator Style

Central Heating

Unit Quantity


Unit Type



Wall Mounted

Woo Category 1

Electric Radiators > Traditional Column Radiators > 2 Column

Woo Category 2

Traditional Column Electric Radiators


2 Column Electric Radiators

Heat Output BTU

1369 BTU, 1895 BTU, 2304 BTU, 2723 BTU, 957 BTU

Heat Output Watts

280 W, 401 W, 555 W, 675 W, 798 W


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