York Flat Chrome Electric Towel Rails



electric chrome towel rails electric chrome towel rails

These chrome plated flat electric towel rails come with an energy efficient PTC electric heating element to couple cost effective operation with an excellent hand crafted build quality.  

Filled with a glycol solution to prevent freezing, corrosion and reduce noise versus towel warmers which are filled with only water.  The heating element is a high specification IP64 rated CE approved PTC electrical element which is designed to provide a safe and stable temperature of 70°C (which can be reduced by installing a dimmer switch) without the need for a thermostatic control unit. The element will operate at full power until the towel warmer reaches its working temperature, and then the power is reduced to maintain this temperature making it much more cost effective to run than a standard electrical element.The heated towel rail is made from mild steel plated with 40 microns of copper and 15 microns of bright nickel before a minimum of 60 microns of chrome plating. This gives the towel warmer a superior corrosion and rust resistance, and a flawless luxury finish.

Technical Information

  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Finish: Chrome plated
  • Shape: Flat/Straight
  • Heat Source: Electric 220-240v 50Hz with 1m long power cord (requires hard wiring)
  • Cross tube diameter: 22mm
  • Certification: CE approved
  • IP Rating: IP64
  • Fixings are included

This towel rail is also available to purchase with a thermostat/timer. 

Heat Output 

Size Heat Output (BTU) Heating Element 
300 x 800mm 512 BTU 150w
300 x 1000mm 682 BTU 200w
300 x 1200mm 853 BTU 250w
400 x 600mm 512 BTU 150w
400 x 800mm 682 BTU 200w
400 x 1200mm  1024 BTU 300w
400 x 1600mm 1365 BTU 400w
400 x 1800mm 1365 BTU 400w
500 x 600mm 682 BTU 200w
500 x 800mm  853 BTU 250w
500 x 1000mm 1024 BTU 300w
500 x 1200mm 1024 BTU 300w
500 x 1400mm 1365 BTU 400w
500 x 1600mm 1706 BTU 500w
500 x 1800mm 2047 BTU 600w
600 x 600mm 853 BTU 250w
600 x 800mm 1024 BTU 300w
600 x 1000mm 1232 BTU 300w
600 x 1200mm 1365 BTU 400w
600 x 1400mm 1706 BTU 500w
600 x 1600mm 2047 BTU 600w
600 x 1800mm 2047 BTU 600w

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Electric Towel Rail

Main Colour







Does Not Apply

Country/Region of Manufacture



Does not apply


600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm


300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm

Heat Output BTU

1051, 1068, 1290, 1406, 1471, 1512, 1583, 1689, 1720, 1904, 1979, 2231, 580, 587, 655, 710, 771, 802, 853, 860, 873

Heat Output Watts

170, 172, 192, 208, 226, 235, 250, 252, 256, 295, 308, 313, 361, 378, 412, 431, 443, 464, 495, 504, 558, 580, 654


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